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Let HDC Huttelmaier be your specialist for special machinery. We offer customised special technical solutions with a high level of implementation expertise. From the initial design to commissioning, HDC provides support for your entire special machinery project. Our comprehensive know-how draws from more than 50 years of experience in the area of special machinery. Over the years, we have successfully developed and implemented countless solutions for diverse application areas, machine types and special functions.

HDC Special Machinery designs and develops highly complex and individual solutions specially in accordance with the demands of our customers. The work we perform excels in being rapid, customer-oriented and in line with the precise requirements and wishes of our clients. We consider every aspect in detail to ensure that everything is implemented in exact accordance with your expectations. With HDC Special Machinery, your requirements for special machines will be completely satisfied and our solutions are sure to impress in terms of economic and technical performance!

We take the right approach to finding the most economic, effective and user-friendly solutions in the area of special machinery. Coordinated processes and creativity are the strengths that allow HDC Special Machinery to master any complex order within the prescribed framework.

Special machinery is a process: from the initial idea and concept to the design, assembly and commissioning of the special machine. HDC Huttelmaier is your reliable partner accompanying you on the way to a customised made-to-order production.

Our special machinery services in detail

  • Conceptual design
  • Drafting
  • Detailed design work
  • Production
  • Assembly
  • Programming
  • Commissioning
  • Documentation / CE label

We also provide reliable service and regular repair and maintenance of your special machine upon request.

Special machine project portfolio: KDSM series for spherical machining

The in-house development of ball turning lathes and grinding machines for the KDSM series is one of our focus areas. This special machinery project was specifically designed and developed for spherical machining.

Ball valves provide metallic seals and therefore demand precise dimensional accuracy. The machines within the KDSM special machinery project process large ball valves with the highest level of precision. Using this special machine, ball bearings measuring 76 mm to 2010 mm in diameter can be processed, allowing for the machining of practically any ball diameter.

The special machinery project for the KDSM series has allowed for the production of ball bearings with the narrowest tolerances for spherical dimensional accuracy.

The pre-fabricated ball bearings are first turned on the machine. In the same clamping process, the surface of the ball bearing is ground using a second slide, which provides the final level of precision and surface. The specially developed control produced by HDC Special Machinery makes it possible to position the workpiece, enter the work processes, and set the infeed with just a few entries.

The advantage offered by the combined processing within special machinery projects is the reduction of set-up times and the retention of spanning accuracy. Another special feature of the KSDM series is that the aggregates are set up by the rotary table so that they follow the ball bearings. This allows for roundness tolerances to be created that fall far below the demands of the market.

With the machines from the KDSM programme, our customers achieve the highest degree of precision and also greatly boost productivity and output.

Special machine project portfolio: LSW series (long-narrow workpieces)

The LSW series (long-narrpw workpiece) is one of the latest HDC Special Machinery projects. The LSW special machinery concept allows users to precisely processing long workpieces without needing to invest in a conventional processing machine.

LSW series facts:

Up to 50% can be saved on investment costs. Allows for the processing of workpieces measuring up to 7000 mm in length and up to 500 mm in diameter. Processing pieces with these dimensions is only possible with special machinery. The workpieces (made of steel, aluminium or plastic) can be milled, drilled or outfitted with a thread. The stiffness of the machine bed can bear workpiece weights of 3kg to 2000kg.

Advantages of the LSW series

A high level of productivity is guaranteed by the additional C-axis drive. Another advantage is the high variability in the number of processing spindles and the type of processing: e.g., 4x milling spindles or 2x milling spindles + 2x grinding support. Moreover, a high level of flexibility and numerous degrees of freedom for NC programming also proves highly useful.

Special machine project portfolio: Grinding of moulded parts on various sides

Another HDC Special Machinery project is the BSS5-D special grinding machine. This special machine allows for round-the-clock processing with feed-through grinding, 7 days a week. The result is production with great workpiece output. A total of five grinding spindles process the workpieces on all sides of the complex form.

Our HDC Special Machinery specialists continue to develop the series of special grinding machines with every machine in order to be able to satisfy the special requirements and experiences of our customers. A modular design allows for the reuse of a large number of components and aggregates, ensuring that operators can easily stock up on spare parts. At the same time, improvements and process optimisations are performed to consistently boost productivity and quality.


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