Retrofitting - General overhauls and updates for your machine tools

HDC is your competent partner for retrofitting. We would be glad to provide you with a consultation and develop customised retrofit solutions for all of your machinery. Whatever the type of machine tool and its condition, a wide array of retrofitting measures are available to choose from.

Retrofit before/after

Retrofitting reduces costs

Save yourself from those expensive new acquisitions! Updating your existing machinery will save on costs. With our targeted HDC Retrofit, existing machine tools can be brought back into shape for a fraction of the cost of a new acquisition. The cost for acquiring a new machine generally results in triple the cost of a retrofit, and the results are identical.

In addition, retrofitting also avoids the “additional costs” associated with switching machines, such as those for tools, foundations, changes to work processes, staff training sessions and time lost due to familiarisation. Your staff members can continue to work on the machines just as before since the familiar layout and design of the old machine will remain the same after the retrofit.

Retrofitting: conversion, extension and adjustment measures

Using mechanical and geometric refurbishments, control alterations, the installation of the latest CNC technology or a diverse array of other measures, our retrofit will upgrade your machine tool in accordance with the latest standards.

Retrofit with CNC cross-slides

CNC units for retrofitting multi-spindle lathes - the alternative to the full CNC multi-spindle machines. The requirements for workpiece tolerances tightening and contours are becoming ever-more complex. Materials that are not easily machinable paired with greater flexibility requirements make these demands even more challenging to satisfy. Our retrofittable CNC units enable you to meet these increased demands at a low cost with your existing machinery. Retrofit your machines at the places where improved performance is actually needed. The result will be multi-spindle machines that are adapted to handle sophisticated tasks that remain simple enough (due to the retrofit) to keep ensuring a high level of availability.

For whatever process your require and whatever the type of drive, whether hydraulic or electric, we will be sure to put together the right unit for you from our wide range of products, modify the corresponding solution, or develop a new solution in our Special machinery.

Retrofits for process alterations

For process alterations, retrofits are welcomed solution that is capable of easily overcoming the problem at hand for an affordable price by making precise adjustments to the machine tools. Even if you ultimately opt for a new acquisition, if a model change is pending, or if you are making the jump from one technology generation to the next, a retrofit is an unbeatable measure that is sure to keep your company competitive during the transition phase.

Retrofits guarantee the safety of your staff

Retrofits help your company satisfy all legal requirements in relation to workplace safety when working with older machines. Our experts will be glad to provide you with a consultation for retrofits as well Machine protective devices.

Retrofit - The result

  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Durability
  • Production volumes
  • Energy savings

Retrofits significantly extend the service life of your machines and facilities. They achieve a higher level of efficiency and generally result in notable energy savings for the modernised machine tools. For extending service life and increasing machine availability, we also recommend conducting regular maintenance measures and chemically cleaning your machines, if necessary.


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