Newly built licensed WENDT Machine

WBM 205 CD

The perfect solution for single-sided surface grinding of small to medium batch sizes of ultra-hard workpieces.
  • Processing of ultra hard materials
  • Excellent flatness and plane-parallelism
  • Temperature-stable

High-precision, plane-parallel processing of ultra-hard substances

The WBM 205 CD machine base is designed as a single-spindle horizontal grinding machine and is ideally suited for the surface grinding of inserts, sealing elements, sliding surfaces and other precision workpieces manufactured from tungsten carbide, CBN, cermet or ceramic. An excellent surface and an outstanding plane-parrallism is achieved thanks to grinding wheel dimensions measuring 350 mm in diameter. The extremely compact footprint of the machine also means that it requires little space.

Temperature-stable and long-lasting

Thanks to integrated hydraulic systems, the WBM 205 quickly reaches its operating temperature and remains temperature-stable. The hydrostatic guided grinding spindle ensures the utmost dimensional accuracy, good damping and freedom from maintenance. The solid mechanics ensure an economic production. Durable and reliable.

Workpiece examples for the WBM 205 CD surface grinding machine:

Benefi ts of WBM 205 CD

  • Excellent flatness and plane-parallelism
  • Workpieces with chipbreakers possible

Working area

A rotary swivel table with two linear sliders assumes the workpieces to gether with the workpiece-related accessories. The oscillating work piece movement of the left slider beneath the grinding wheel ensures a fl at wheel geometry as well as low pressure and generation of heat. The simultaneous loading and unloading of the right slider ensures utmost productivity. Furthermore, practical pallet holders can also be supplied for the WBM 205 CD.

Light barrier and load inspection unit

The ergonomic machine design makes operation easier. The reach-in area has been expanded and is monitored by a light barrier. The height-adjustable arm belonging to the load inspection unit checks for workpieces that have not yet been correctly inserted before the rotary swivel table turns. Both items ensure the greatest possible safety while the machine is in operation.

WENDT ROTODRESS dressing tool

The integrated ROTODRESS dressing tool enables the continuous conditioning of the grinding wheel during the grinding process. This in-process procedure saves time and even wheels with the most fine-grained structures can be continuously sharpened with this tool. Advantages for the user include reduced edge chippings, reproducible cutting quality and low cycle times.

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